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Monday, January 28, 2008

If you're sending prayers and good thoughts, keep it up

Well, my friend Sarah, is still alive. We (meaning, all my forum buddies and I) were informed that she is on complete life support at this point, and she has a living will stating she does not want to be kept on it. This is what I knew as of last night. I went to bed with an extremely heavy heart, believing my friend would leave the Earth while I was attempting to sleep.

What I found out this evening, however, is that she is still alive. The doctors convinced her partner, Lorraine, to keep Sarah alive while they "try a few more things". Realistically, the chances remain very slim that her body will begin functioning on its own or that she will be successful in fighting off her infection.

But, there is always hope~~and some of you out there believe in miracles. Sarah could use all the help she can get, and Lorraine could use some prayers as well.

I just can't even imagine Scott ever having to go through this with me. I pray that will never have to happen. It's just so unfair...


Anonymous said...

Hey Sis!

We will all keep praying for your friend. I can not imagine what her family must be going through. I can not even bring myself to think of losing you, and I know that you will be around for a long time to come. With as obnoxious as you are, I truly believe that GOD doesn't want you with him any sooner than necessary. All kidding aside, try to stay positive (I imagine that is hard, but you are strong!). We will all continue to pray for your good health, as well as some positive news from Sarah.

I will try and call you this week (just to catch up).

Love Ya Babe!

Veronica said...

Skye - watching people we've grown to care so deeply for, going through so much f**ing sh*t (I'm following Sarah's example!!) really brings it home. Never before has the phrase 'there but for the grace of God go I' had so much meaning. Having been through so much ourselves (you and Wullie and me and Scott by association) it is terrifying to consider that Sarah and Lorraine's situation could be ours. BUT we have to hold on to hope, that we are, for whatever reason, on the flip-side of that coin and for us, at least, the SCT has done what it should do for rid of that no-good stinking Hodge.......stay strong, Super

ps - secretly disappointed that your game of Tag went underground....I'm such a nosy Nellie!!.........xx

Anonymous said...

skye, I'm glad to see Sarah is still holding on. I know it's been hard for you and wish I could take your pain away. but I know I can't, I just have to sit back and hope you know I'll always be there for you. I have to agree with Veronica your game of tag was fun to read. but I guess with all good games it has to end some time.
Dad said he could come down and do the work for you so you will have to let him know when you need him ok. Take care and give my love to the boys.
Love always Mom and Dad

skye said...

Well,sorry to disappoint everyone with the end of my game of "tag." Trust me, it wasn't all that interesting, and it ended up being very short-lived~~which is a good thing. I certainly don't need to waste my time/energy on relationships that are toxic for me! (It's never a good sign when someone doesn't want to sign their name...)