This is a blog intended to keep family and friends posted about my progress as I undergo a stem cell transplant to fight my relapse of Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sarah has passed.

We were just informed on the hodge forum that Sarah passed away today. Luckily, she was without pain. Throughout my cancer experience, I cannot ever recall asking, "Why me?" Right now, however, I am asking, "Why her?"


Anonymous said...

Skye I am so sorry to hear about Sarah. Please let Lorraine know that I am thinking of her. You have meet so many great friends on your forum. And I just want to thank them all. My heart goes out to all that will miss Sarah, but I know you will keep her in your hearts and minds.

May she have peace knowing so many care so much for her.

Love always Mom

Anonymous said...

Hey Sis!

I am very sorry to hear about Sarah. My thoughts and prayers go out to her partner, family, and friends. I hope everyone can take a little joy in knowing that her pain is now over, and she is in a better place where no terrible disease can touch her. I hope her loved ones can take some comfort in knowing that there were so many of us pulling for her and hoping for a miracle.

Keep your head up, and call me if you need someone to just listen.

Love Ya Babe!

Veronica said...

Sarah was one of those larger than life characters........she touched us all and never minced her words. She has my utmost respect and admiration and will never be forgotten - what a legacy!
We're finding the board so hard just now with so many losses and so much bad news, but in its own strange way, it's making us stronger and more bonded...........much love, Vx

Duane said...

Veronica, I agree. It's been tough on the Forum recently. Let's hope the rest of this new year will bring more hopeful, joyous news for all.

Thinking about you, Skye.